We offer homebuilders and developers a unique 3 pronged approach. We are the only major real estate sales and marketing company to offer 3 services – pre-development, marketing, and sales/leasing – under one roof. And what really sets us apart is our emphasis on business intelligence and our in-house market research division. It’s one thing to do some research, hand it over to a builder, and then walk away. That’s not our approach. We start with the research, but then we also bear direct responsibility for selling or leasing the community – and that’s the key difference. It makes us much more accountable for the success of a new home development. If our research is comprehensive and accurate, then our marketing efforts to attract buyers and our sales efforts to close buyers will be successful.

Pre-Development Services

While the project is still on paper, we partner with developers to maximize the opportunity their development represents and to identify and mitigate the risks.

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We design and execute marketing programs that successfully brand and convey the unique selling proposition of your development.

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Sales / Leasing

We customize sales and leasing programs that are managed and staffed by highly trained, award winning professionals.

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